ProteusDS installer








64-bit Windows 10 / 11


The ProteusDS Installer that contains all applications comprising ProteusDS. Functionality in individual applications will depend on subscription status.

Installation instructions

Activate software

You must apply an Activation Code to enable the software on your computer. Each Activation Code is unique for the computer that the software was installed on. Activation Codes are sent by email from our support team and need one to two business days to process.

To activate and start using ProteusDS, follow these steps:

  • Download and install ProteusDS using the link above
  • Open the ProteusDS Subscription Manager application. You can find this in the ProteusDS program group in the Windows Start Menu.
  • Follow the instructions in the application to request an Activation Code for your computer.

Disable real-time virus scanning

Disabling real-time virus scanner activity on simulation output files can dramatically increase performance if running I/O-intensive simulations or many simulations concurrently.

We recommend users add an exclusion to their virus scanning software that ignores ProteusDS.exe. This file is located here:

C:\Program Files\Dynamic Systems Analysis\ProteusDS\ProteusDS.

Disable search indexing

Disabling ‘search indexing’ in Windows can lead to a modest performance increase if running I/O-intensive simulations (a large number of DObjects or a frequent output interval) or many simulations concurrently. Find out more here: Search indexing in Windows

Configure network firewalls

ProteusDS uses a UDP networking protocol to communicate between applications (e.g. starting/stopping simulations, monitoring simulations). Sometimes, this communication may be blocked by Windows Firewall. In the event that Windows Firewall presents an alert that it has blocked some features of ProteusDS, please choose ‘Allow access’.

For computers using 3rd party firewall or antivirus applications ensure that the following applications are granted network access:

C:\Program Files\Dynamic Systems Analysis\ProteusDS\ProteusDS\ProteusDS.exe

C:\Program Files\Dynamic Systems Analysis\ProteusDS\PST.exe

C:\Program Files\Dynamic Systems Analysis\ProteusDS\ProteusDSQueueingManager.exe

These applications use the following ports for UDP communication: Port #1: 23737 Port #2: 23738

Configure graphics settings

PostPDS relies on OpenGL. If you encounter an error when trying to load simulation results in PostPDS open the ‘ProteusDS Configuration Utility’ from the ProteusDS programs in the Windows Start Menu and set the ‘Rendering detail mode’ to ‘Compatibility’. Save and exit the application and try reloading the simulation results in PostPDS. If this fixes the problem, but you have a discrete graphics card on your computer, consider updating your graphics card drivers and then setting the ‘Rendering detail mode’ back to ‘Full’ for maximum performance.
AMD / ATI Radeon Graphics Drivers Download
NVidia Graphics Drivers Download
Intel Graphics Drivers Download