In the beginning, our software didn’t even have a name

Way back in the year 2006, Dean Steinke and Ryan Nicoll, were fresh out of grad school after spending several years working with academic research code on subsea robotic systems. Keen to see how it could be applied in the marine industry, they started a spin-off company from the University of Victoria to give this academic software a home. Keeping our options open, we started with the very generic company name Dynamic Systems Analysis, Ltd. On top of this, the closest we had to a name was “Cable Code” because of its versatile line dynamics model that handled low-tension remote vehicle tethers.

Fast forward a few years, two offices, and 14 staff later

Finding a place in the world takes understanding and that takes time. But the marine industry has no shortage of problems to solve the world over. Many years later, and a few name changes along the way, we arrived with the new name DSA Ocean and software technology ProteusDS. DSA Ocean provides both consulting services and is the driving force behind the development of ProteusDS software tools and technology.

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