How to access free features in ProteusDS

Access to ProteusDS is not limited to those with a paid subscription plan. Use of select applications and features is available for free to registered users.

What can you do without a paid subscription?

  • Specify oceanographic mooring designs using a parts library of shackles, chains, ropes and buoys
  • View and plot previously generated simulation results using PostPDS

What types of things can you do with a paid subscription?

  • Run time-domain marine dynamic analysis simulations of oceanographic or fish farm moorings in wind, wave and current current conditions
  • Generate reports of mooring line safety factors, buoy submergence, anchor loads and other key simulation outputs
  • Simulate the dynamic response of floating and submerged marine structures

Step 1: Download and install ProteusDS

To access our free community software, first download and install ProteusDS. Note only the software installation step requires administrative privileges. The remaining following steps do not require administrative privileges.

Step 2: Generate Computer ID text

Open the “ProteusDS Subscription Management Utility” application and generate a Computer ID. This text uniquely identifies your computer and allows us to create an Activation Code. Copy the Computer ID text.

Step 3: Request Activation Code

Request an Activation Code by filling out the form and submitting the Computer ID text.

Step 4: Activate ProteusDS

You will receive an email with your Activation Code. Apply the Activation Code using the “ProteusDS Subscription Management Utility”.